Anarchy In The Middle East

by Unsgined

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Skate Punk From Israel!


released June 11, 2017


Oren Shalev - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Avi Sapir (Zaza) - Drums, Vocals
Matan Shalom - Bass, Vocals

Recorded & Mixed By Eli Pikover And Asaf Shani
At IScream studio and Anova studio, Mastering By Ronen Hillel.
ArtWork By Alon Simon.
More Design By Tomer Brener.
Photos By Tal and Tomer Rottenberg From T&T Productions.

All songs written by Oren Shalev except “Marry You” composed By Matan Shalom.
All arrangements by UNSIGNED.

Big Thanks to everyone who inspires us to write and play music.
Thanks to Aviv Bonen and Itay Weis.
And also Avi wants to thank Avi Diamond.



all rights reserved



Unsigned are a punk rock band from Tel Aviv, Israel!

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Track Name: Anarchy In The Middle East
For the truth to be told, all the rules 
you apply and the facts that you hide From us 
won't make us be like you

The police on the way, they are thugs In disguise 
bullying the minority
Real criminals they don't mind

Anarchy, anarchy is what we need in the Middle East 
Anarchy anarchy anarchy in the Middle East

Is it really that worth ?
holding on to a piece of land ,fighting to protect it
but loosing so many lives?

Have a little bit faith, one day God will find time
and solve all of our problems,
You only need to pray
Track Name: How Long
How long should we pretend that
everything’s ok?
our lives are being tossed into the trash.
by banks that keep our legs tied to the ground
giving us loans we don’t need,
to buy stuff that we don’t want.

their annual income increases exponentially
and our expenses are climbing to the top.

most our lives we’ve been living like this?
thinking one day we could be
without a roof over our head,
still we can’t see the light,
that one day we’ll live not just to survive.

corporations monopolies are afraid of competition
they wanna maximize their profit and minimize our lives
keeping prices high as they like.

our blood is soaked in money factory,
i hope one day we’ll burn it to the ground.
Track Name: Millions
Millions are getting up today
to the same day that they
lived in yesterday

mourning about the year that passed
crying, wish i could have done it better yeah

so many days you won’t remember
black holes that cannot be reclaimed
a promise to yourself that from now on
your gonna make it better yeah

stories their telling to themselves makes
the guilt fade out and ignorance come in

come home turn on the tv, being hypnotized
won’t get you anywhere
Track Name: Something To Live For
Say, what makes you get up in the morning?
what motivates and gets you up again?
Hey, can you give me a hint or something?
so it could remind me what i keep forgetting…

Don’t give me anything,
just give me something to live for.
I’m running round my tail so
give me something to live for.

Say, how long you think its gonna take me?
to find the reason that I’m still alive.
Hey, do you think that i will make it?
or will i end up being just a waste of time?
Track Name: Thinking Of You
Another day
sitting at home
thinking of you.
we had good times yeah i remember a few.

taking a break
working to hard
came to my mind
almost forgot why i don’t even miss you.

and i was wondering if you think about me too.
if sometimes i slip into your mind,
for a second, then i disappear
like you just did to me now.

woke up at night
going to pee
get back into bed
why your not here? i really wanna see you.

taking a break
working to hard
came to my mind
almost forgot why i don’t even miss you.
Track Name: Marry You
In the first time that i saw you,
didn’t think i have a chance
for an hour i kept starring .

such a pretty face
what a body what an ass
yeah and I’m still starring.

i wanna take you out and marry you tonight
lets waste this life together.

finally i made it
i made up my mind
thats it I’m approaching.

said hello and kissed your hand
almost every compliment, told you
but you said that

I’m very flattered and you are very cute
but i’m waiting boyfriend

i wanna take you out and marry you tonight
lets waste this life together.